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Friday, 10 June 2011

         Juliana Kanyomozi is now vying for foreign awards after getting the best local award
The Pearl of Africa Music Awards artiste of the year 2008 Juliana Kanyomozi has been nominated for the Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2011 (NEA) in the category of Pan African Artist/ Group of the year.

Juliana was the first female to win the PAM Awards Artiste of the Year which very many male artistes have not even dreamt of winning having been on the music scene for so long.

Juliana is now venturing into making her name beyond Ugandan borders. She is a judge in the Tusker Project Fame 5 that will kick off later this month and now she is competing with Fally Ipupa, R2Bees, Awilo Longoba, Winky D and VIP for the Pan African Artist or Group of the Year.

The main event will be held on 4th September at Sharp Theatre in New York. Juliana is the only Ugandan who made it to the nomination list of (Nigeria Entertainment Awards) NEA that is marking it's sixth year.

Juliana is behind tracks like 'Haturudi' which she did with Tanzania's Bushoke and her  latest track is 'Alive Again'

Article by: Oscar Bamuzze

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Sunday, 01 May 2011

Teeniez Male Artiste 2011 - Navio
Teeniez Female Artiste2011: - Keko
Teeniez Hottest Group/Crew 2011:- Baboon Forest
Teeniez Wickedest DJ 2011:-DJ Shiru
Teeniez Gospel Artiste/Group: - Exodus
Teeniez Flyest Video 2011:- Kwekunyakunya Remix - Vampos
Teeniez Hottest Riddim 2011:- Angella - Ssiza Man
Teeniez Gospel Song: - Wanjagala - Judith Babirye
Teeniez Hottest Collabo: - Whistle song - Locomotives 
Teeniez Hottest Hip-Hop Song: - Whistle song - Locomotives
Teeniez Beat Maker 2011:-Washington
Teeniez Top Hood Rapper 2011- Navio 
Teeniez Breakout Artiste - Keko
Teeniez Rn'B Artiste/Group - 2011:- Aziz Azion
Teeniez Dance-Hall Artiste/Group: - Coco Finger

Radio Category

Teeniez hottest Radio personality - 2011:- McKenzie
Teeniez Funkiest FM Station - 2011: Hot 100

Television Category

Teeniez Hottest TV Personality 2011:- Bush Baby  
Teeniez TV Drama/Soap/Local Show 2011-The Beat (NTV Uganda)
Teeniez TV Station 2011:- NTV 
Teeniez Role Model 2011: - Navio

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Teeniez Male Artiste

Teeniez Female Artiste:

Teeniez Hottest Group/Crew:

  • Baboon Forest
  • Goodlyfe Crew
  • HB Toxic
  • T. Assets

Teeniez Wickedest DJ:

  • DJ Aluda
  •  DJ Apeman
  •  DJ Shiru
  •  DJ Vito

Teeniez Gospel Artiste/Group:

  • Exodus
  • Jackie Senyonjo
  • Judith Babirye
  • Wilson Bugembe

Teeniez Flyest Video:

  • Clothes Off - Michael Ross
  • Kwekunyakunya Remix - Vampos
  • Onyambanga - Grace Nakimera
  • Raw - Navio

Teeniez Hottest Riddim:

  • Angella - Ssiza Man
  • How We Do - Keko 
  • Kwekunyakunya Remix - Vampos
  • Stamina - Eddie Kenzo
  • Taxi Money - Sizza Man & Goodlyfe

Teeniez Gospel Song:

  • Bwaka - Coppy Blay
  • Egwe - Exodus
  • Ndopela Gwe - Jackie Senyonjo
  • Wanjagala - Judith Babirye

Teeniez Hottest Collabo:

  • Come to me - Bebe Cool ft Alpha
  • Kwekunyakunya Remix - Vamposs 
  • Taxi money - Sizza Man ft Goodlyfe
  • Whistle song - Locomotives

 Teeniez Hottest Hip-Hop Song:

  • Fire -The Mith ft Tikita 
  • How we do - Keko 
  • Nawuliranga - Navio 
  • Whistle song - Locomotives

Teeniez Beat Maker:

  • Didi
  • Hannz
  • Just Jose
  • Washington

Teeniez Top Hood Rapper

  • Don MC
  •  Keko
  •  Mun - G
  •  Navio

 Teeniez Breakout Artiste

  • Coco Finger 
  •  Eddie Kenzo
  •  Keko
  •  Sizza Man

Teeniez Rn'B Artiste/Group:

  •  Aziz Azion
  •  Lilian Mbabazi
  •  Michael Ross
  •  Tonix

Teeniez Dance-Hall Artiste/Group:

Radio Category

Teeniez hottest Radio personality:

  •  Big Kahuna
  •  DMS
  •  Mc-Kenzie
  •  Nina

Teeniez Funkiest FM Station:

  • Capital fm 91.3FM
  • Hot 100
  • Power fm
  • Sanyu fm - 88.2FM

Television Category

Teeniez Hottest TV Personality:

  •  Bush Baby
  •  Calvin the entertainer
  •  Kats
  •  Rose Mary Nankabirwa

Teeniez TV Drama/Soap/Local Show:

  •  Katogo (Record TV)
  •  The Hostel (NTV Uganda)
  •  The Beat (NTV Uganda)
  •  Exposed Show (NTV Uganda)

Teeniez TV Station:

  • Bukede TV 
  • NBS
  • NTV 
  • WBS

Teeniez Role Model:

  • Balle Francis
  • Navio
  • Patricia Okoed Bukumune 
  • Robert Kabushenga
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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pearl of Africa Music Awards chairman Isaac Mulindwa has promised to sue the New Vision Group should they go ahead with their version of the Awards claiming that he has a franchise for Music Awards in Uganda, and as such no one is authorized to carry out any related awards.

Vision Group Music Awards are slated for October 2010 with its first version recognising both genders as opposed to the DIVA Awards held last year that only took care of the female artistes.

It was for that reason and the mere fact that last year, PAM Awards never took place that New Vision Group felt it could bridge the gap now that it has several news paper publications, FM radio Stations and now Bukedde TV.

But PAM Awards Isaac Mulindwa is not prepared to take in any of that nonsense and he has promised to sue anyone plying that route.

Related: New Vision Ventures into Music Awards

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

      HB Toxic during the last PAM Awards
Pearl of Africa Music Awards have been the best awards in recognising the efforts of Ugandan musicians and East African Musicians in Uganda. However, last year the awards did not take place leaving artists like Moze Radio and Weasel a frustrated lot after a lot of efforts had been put in their music to garner all the categories that they could be listed in.

The DIVA Awards which were exclusive to the female artistes came on board and are now working very hard for their second function of which Cindy was the Diva of the year taking with herself a cash prize of 1mn.

Another group came up with Awards but even the method of selecting winners was so traditional because it involved people lining up behind an artist for a given category and the one whose line was longer was declared the winner for that category.

The latest to enter in this field as the PAM Awards which launched a few weeks back in Burundi are trying to put their house in order is the Vision Group. Vision Music Group Awards will take place in October this year.

The Vision Group feels they are in a position to promote the music industry given their five radio stations, five newspaper publications and Bukedde TV as stated by the awards coordinator Joseph Baate.

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Monday, 05 April 2010

The awards that recognise female artistes are back. The last function was held on 12th December, 2009. Four months have not yet elapsed and the organizers are looking at the 2010 version of the awards.

The 2009 version of the DIVA's were taken by Cindy of Ayokyayokya fame who walked away with a cash prize of one million shillings. Pearl of Africa Music Awards launched in Burundi last week recognise efforts by various artistes unlike the DIVA Awards that take care of female artistes only.

If PAM awards continue with the current problems, we will see many more of these AWARDS coming up.

Desire's Boat Cruise to Cost 150K

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