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Bebe Cool Real Name Moses Ssali

Reggae Musician from Uganda.

Bebe Cool is one of the Artists with top nominations in the 2007 PAM Awards. Baffudde one of his latest has been nominated for the Best Afro Beat Single, He has also been nominated for the Best Ragga Artist/Group category, Best Raggae Artist/Group category.

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Bebe Cool was also nominated for the Best Male Artiste and Artiste of the year making 5 nominations. The sixth nomination was the Kiba Kibi track that he did with Sweet Kid for Song of the Year.

Latest Album - Bafudde, Release Date:

Awards Won by Bebe Cool:
PAM Awards 2004 Best Reggae/Artist Group
PAM Awards 2005 Best Reggae/Artist Group
PAM Awards 2006 Best Reggae/Artist Group
PAM Awards 2007 Best Reggae/Artist Group

In the Year 2007 Bebe Cool was nominated for the category he won three times in a row together with
Henry Tigan.

  • Name: KenethJaster
    Comments: Man i lyk U guy coz it's lyk you very much know yo destiny. It's very G 4 the way U twist yo voice freely the way U want it in yo style MAN BLIEZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • Name: abbey
    Comments: I just dont understand but just feel he is ma role model(icon)
  • Name: Tiff
    Comments: Am an up coming musician in Uganda but as per now Bebe is the best
  • Name: safi
    Comments: you are too good in fact best
  • Name: jockers jocy
    Comments: hi really like you and always dreaming of making a song with you.
  • Name: Tina
    Comments: i like u but u over blow ur own trumpet
  • Name: Sophie Dellah
    Comments: infact,u stick out to be my number one artist.i am also the "BIG IS BIG" of CHRIST THE KING SS KALISIZO.
  • Name: popxcool
    Comments: man I don’t have any comment on u but I want 2 be your friend Iam in Uganda Masaka district have a lovely day.
  • Name: alex bwambale
    Comments: I love you Bebe pliz bring more music I wish you happy days in future
  • Name: bright hillary niwagaba
    Comments: let d haters utilise the right of speech then do ya ting.Afterall u'll always do it best no matteer d hard ship.
  • Name: Ssebaggala Nooh
    Comments: Big is big i saw u last time performing live on band ur're now soooooo hot keep it.
  • Name: Grace
    Comments: i like BEBE mostly agenze........ luv u
  • Name: Tumusiime emma
    Comments: BEBE yo de best.chil bobi is a loser.
  • Name: Gorreth
    Comments: I like the way u sing and I like ur songs but am also having some songs which are not yet recorded I heard that u can help un recorded artist. am from Entebbe this is my email. kizzagoretti@yahoo.com .i want to chat with u
    Name: Muhwezi.A
    Comments: Bebe how do u fill if listen to those of goodlife song about u'r maama babies. Any way it really hearts.
  • Name: Ssejange sadick
    Comments: u r my only best i ug among others
  • Name: Bryan
    Comments: i like yo style, of the big 3 u`re still the best and the bigger
  • Name: jamin piles(oburah)
    Comments: man,obasinga ko.era olimunene atenga oyocha.mi luv dem muziki.BIG UP
  • Name: Trueson
    Comments: am an upcoming artist in uganda i like the way bebe does his staff on stage,he's one of the best with my number one Jose
  • Name: Buyinza Aziz
    Comments: Big size In thibnk what you portray is okay of pleading other than looking for women which you can. That's respect.
  • Name: Penie
    Comments: hey man, bebecool is a real music giant and indeed nice looking
  • Name: Swaibu Kachope
    Comments: hi bebe
  • Name: Shina Carol Bayinda
    Comments: you are the best so far. keep it up.
  • Name: Mighty Trevor
    Comments: BIG IS BIG,ur DA BIG-SIZE,so keep bombarding us wid hits,BOGOLAKO,CHEMICAL REACTION,we go bon da babylonians and mek dem have A BAD-LYF
  • Name: Junior
    Comments: big up king fidi jungle mi no ya bttr thn dem santaclut
  • Name: Spax yaldem spoon
    Comments: am an artist from Rwanda born in Jamaica and i am really impresed by Bebe Cool big up man. I really love your songs. your the top shatta dance hall king in Uganda.take care mon
  • Name: Justine
    Comments: I would like to get bebecool's contacts, e-mail or any other mine is namirembejstn@yahoo.co.uk
  • Name: Jonan
    Comments: I love bebecool because he knows how to run the things.
  • Name: Kayondo
    Comments: Gospel Please
  • Name: Ssali Dave
    Comments: I like the star he is the best you can ever find
  • Name: Peter
    Comments: my best artist is bebecool. I would like to know why Zuena left.
  • Name: Ronnie Wine
    Comments: I love bebe cool"s music so much plz keep it up
  • Name: Justine
    Comments: how are you?
  • Name: Job
    Comments: He's really a determined guy! but ever unite with your fellow reggae stars like BobI Wine.
  • Name: Rosette (makerere)
    Comments: The truth is Bebe Cool you can really sing, I don’t know if u ever thank God 4 that gift . anyway may God bless u
  • Name: lil peter
    Comments: just shave those beards and yo de man
  • Name: Helen
    Comments: handsome but needs to do some deforestation
  • Name: Kintu Elvis
    Comments: u r big. let those who oppose dat do but the public knows dat u r big
  • Name: Danny "the dog" 
    Comments: Waz'up Bebe! keep you music level up. Your songs are really crunky 
  • Name: Arnold gisu
    Comments: Big size Bebe cool really made Ugandan music rock.u beta dan dem
  • Name: Tumuramye Michael
    Comments: hey, u rock my world.
  • Name: dr ranx
    Comments: i love u men,concetrate on international music
    Comments: Bebe dont accept Bobi 2 abuse u like that do something 2 show that your real big
  • Name: Joseph
    Comments: bady, I love so much coz yo what your doing. just keep it up.soon to be with you bebecool. I promise
  • Name: daniel Rwashande
    Comments: hi i love ugandans ,musicians,your are kawa,so stay firm
  • Name: Jabel Hammed
    Comments: like u so much guy keep it up and paint kampala green with yr music
  • Name: Vian
    Comments: hit it strait coz you r the best
  • Name: Kalibbala
    Comments: bebe, you are doing good tunes, kip it up. we need more and more
  • Name: kalibbalam
    Comments: bebe cool you are still lnspite of the family problems you have.agenze is agood tune, keep it up

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 Bebe Cool Latest News

Zuena nursing head injuries
Zuena's Car Crashes Beyond Repair - Bebe Cool and his wife were on Wednesday evening involved in a car accident after Zuena's car swerved off the road on the hind tyre bursting, Bebe Cool came out with minor injuries while Zuena hit her head. The strong impact sent her to coma. However, the two are improving and will be discharged any time if they are already not discharged.

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